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if you work really hard to become one and if you wanna go to Worlds (the biggest comp in the world) you have a good chance but you have to b really good and be either a junior, senior, open L5 OR L6 team then u have a good chance and you have to b a really good tumbler aka have a roundoff back handspring full twisting layout on a non sprung floor or at least on a sprung floor

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Only a very small percentage of cheerleaders get to go to pro Cheerleading. It first gets hard to make it in college. If you have made the team on a college team, then you have only a small chance. About 2% of college cheerleaders are given the opportunity to go professional.

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That is allot of work to figure out if I'd to take a guess i would say around100-300 that is just a guess there is probably more

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Q: Odds of becoming a professional cheerleader?
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