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The Rossineri (red and black).

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Q: Nickname of AC Milan Club Football team?
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Which football team's nickname is the foxes?

Leicester City Football Club are known as "The Foxes"

What team does Clarence Seedorf play for?

The Dutch midfielder Clarence seedorf plays his club football at A.c. Milan.

Where is the team AC Milan based?

The team AC Milan is based in Milan, Lombardy. This is an Italian football team.

What is the nickname of leicester football club?

Leicester Football Club are known as the Tigers. Unlike some other nicknames for rugby football clubs it is not a recent invention of marketing consultants, but is believed to derive from the Leicestershire Regiment who gained the Tiger nickname for their service in India.

Which football club has the largest fan?

The biggest fan base in Milan are at the San San Siro. The ground for both the MILAN TEAMs.

First English team to win in milan?

Crystal Palace Football Club

Nick Name of Sunderland Football Club?

The Sunderland Association Football Team is an English football team who play in the Premier League. Their official nickname that most people know they by are the Black cats.

Is Milan is a citiy of Italy and why they called the milan a football team and who is captain of ac milan is crisitiana rplando is good player of ac milan?

yes milan is a big city in Italy and the call milan a football team because its a football team in milan called AC Milan...... captain of milan is Massimo Ambrosini (#23).. .... Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid... he's never played for ac milan... and yes he is a very good player

Why do they call the football team inter Milan?

Because Inter originated from Milan

What is the nickname of westbrom football club?

Called "Brummagem" (The Brummie pronunciation of Birmingham), they are more commonly known as "The blues". The nickname for Birmingham city football team is Blues and there support Birmingham :)

What football team is given the nickname 'spirits'?

There is not a football team in England with the nickname of the spirits. However, there is a team called the Spirites, given to the team in Chesterfield.

When was Burnley FC established?

Burnley FC, or Burnley Football Club was established in 1882. It is a Football league based in Burnley, Lancashire. The club colors are claret and blue.