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There have been many coaches in the history of the Crimson Tide. Coaches in order from past to present: E.B. Beaumont, Eli Abbott, Otto Wagonhurst, Allen McCants, W.A. Martin, M. Griffin, G.H. Harvey, Eli Abbott, W.B. Blount, Jack Leavenworth, J.W.H Pollard, Guy Lowman, D.V. Graves, Thomas Kelly, Xen C. Scott, Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas, Harold "Red" Drew, J.B. "Ears" Drew, Paul "Bear" Bryant, Ray Perkins, Bill Curry, Gene Stallings, Mike Dubose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Price, Mike Shula, Joe Kines, and most recently, Nick Saban.

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Q: Names all Ex coaches of Alabama football?
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