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Q: Name the top 10 quarterbacks with the most 4th quarter comebacks?
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Where can you find a list for the most fourth quarter comebacks in the NFL?

John Elway

Who holds NFL record for most 4th quarter comebacks in one year?

Marino had 51 overall wins decided in the 4th quarter/overtime, and 36 of them are comebacks. ... Elway had 49 overall wins decided in the 4th quarter/overtime, and 34 of them are comebacks. .. As of the end of the 2008-09 NFL season Brett Favre has 42 "come from behind" victories (including overtime wins). -This correction should not be viewed as legitimate due to no citation.

Is 206 lb a heavy weight for a quarter back?

Based on the size of most professional quarterbacks, 206 pounds in on the lighter side of weight spectrum. Most qb's are in the 225 to 235 range.

What records did john elway set?

When John Elway retired from the NFL he held the record for the most wins, fourth quarter comebacks, and Super Bowl starts. Brett Favre has since passed him in wins.

What is the most meanist comebacks?

It's best to avoid using mean comebacks as they can hurt others' feelings. Instead, focus on being kind and respectful in your interactions with others.

How tall are most quarterbacks?

Most quarterbacks in the NFL are around 6 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 6 inches tall. However, there are exceptions as some shorter quarterbacks have found success in the league.

What races do quarter horses run?

They are most famous for the Quarter-mile race, the race they get their name from.

Most comebacks by NFL quarterback in last two minutes?

Roger Staubach.

How Many Fourth quarter comeback wins does Peyton Manning have?

38, the most 4th quarter comebacks ever by an NFL quarterback. 1998 season- 1 1999 season- 6 2000 season- 2 2001 season- 0 2002 season- 4 2003 season- 3 2004 season- 2 2005 season- 1 2006 season- 4 (3 reg., 1 playoff) 2007 season- 1 2008 season- 4 2009 season- 7 (most 4th quarter comebacks in an NFL regular season) 2010 season- 0 2011 season- 0 (out the whole season with an injury) 2012 season- 3

Which conference has the most NFL quarterbacks?


Which hand does quarterbacks through with the most?

most quarterbacks through with there right hand the most, like adrian baugh he goes to lamar high school the best quarterback alive. ps

Which college conference has most NFL quarterbacks?