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There more than 8. They are split in to 4 pools

Pool ANew ZealandFranceTongaCanadaJapan

Pool BArgentinaEnglandScotlandGeorgiaPlay Off winner

Pool CAustraliaIrelandItalyRussia


Pool DSouth AfricaWalesFijiSamoaNamibia

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Argentina austrlia canada england georgia fiji france ireland italy japan nambia New Zealand romania samoa scotland South Africa scotland tonga usa wales

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Q: Name all 20 countries playing in the 2011 rugby world cup?
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Is Ireland playing in the Rugby World Cup 2011?

Yes, Ireland played in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Is Italy playing in the rugby world cup 2011?

Yes, they are.

Where is Fiji playing in the RWC 2011?

Fiji is playing Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Who are the brothers that are playing in different teams in the rugby world cup 2011?


Will there be more or less than 32 countries participating in the rugby world cup 2011?

Less. There are 20 countries.

What country will be playing first in the rugby world cup 2011?

Tonga and New Zealand will be playing in the first match.

What countries are in the England group in the rugby world cup 2011?

argentina scotland georgia and romania

Who is new zealand playing against in their first game in 2011 world rugby games?


When is wales playing against France on rugby?

for the world cup 2011 it's saturday the 15th of october

How many teams tried to qualify for the 2011 rugby world cup?

120 countries tried to qualify and only 20 countries was selected.

What country is due to host the 2011 rugby world cup?

New Zealand will hoist the world Rugby world cup in 2011.

Which countries paticipated in the World Cup 2011?

Which world cup 2011 are you talking about? There was the cricket world cup, the ladies world cup, the under 21 world cup, the under 17 world cup and the Rugby world cup all in 2011.