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The ten former Liverpool players still playing are

Crouch (Portsmouth) Cisse (Sunderland) Owen (Newcastle) Diouf (Blackburn) Heskey (Aston Villa) Anelka (Chelsea) Bellamy (Man City) Barmby (Hull) Keane (Tottenham)

James (Portsmouth) Friedel (Aston Villa) Kirkland (Wigan) Carson (West Brom) Diao (Stoke) Hamman (Man City) Murphy (Fulham) Warnock (Blackburn) Guthrie (Newcastle) I think there are 9 ex-strikers and 9 other ex-Liverpool players still playing in the Premiership.

Pennant is on loan at Portsmouth

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Chelsea-Joe cole

Man u -Rooney

Arsenal Gallas

Aston Villa-Carew


Man city Robinho

Tottenham Keane

Burnley Paterson

Everton Arteta


Stoke Fuller


Fulham Nevland





West ham- Franco


Portsmouth-no one

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Q: Name 8 ex Liverpool strikers who still play in premier league?
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