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Mike Vrabel of the New England Patriots wear number 50 but he is now playing for the Kansas City Chiefs at Linebacker Also Antwan Barnes of the BATLIMORE RAVENS wears number 50 and plays linebacker

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Lee Roy Jordan, Junior Seau!!

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Q: NFL Football player who wore number 55?
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Who was a NFL Football player who wore number 11?

Danny White

NFL football who wore thee number 55 for the cowboys?

Lee Roy Jordan.

What famous player wore number 7 in the NFL?

John Elway.

Who wore number 10 for the Pittsburgh Steelers and is in the NFL Hall of Fame?

There has been no player that wore #10 for the Steelers and made it into the NFL Hall of Fame.

What was Hershal Walker's football jersey number?

Herschel Walker wore #34 during his NFL career.

How do you remember NFL football player names?

number on jersey

What black NFL player wore jersey number 45 in the 70's?


What Black NFL Player who retired in 2005 wore the number twelve on his jersey?

Justin Gage wore # 12 for the Bears and did not retire.

What famous nfl football players wore number 88?

Martrez Milner- Atlanta Falcons #88

What are the names of every player who wore number 58 for the Colts?

Check the offical NFL website for all that information.

What football player wore number 36 in Super Bowl 45?

Free safety Nick Collins wore the number for the Green Bay Packers. In the first quarter of Super Bowl XLV, he returned an interception 37 yards for a touchdown. The Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers for the NFL Championship 31-25.

What is a NFL player?

A professional football player