NCAA leader in rushing yards as a QB?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Pat white wvu

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Q: NCAA leader in rushing yards as a QB?
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Who is the current NCAA QB with the most rushing yards?

pat white, wvu

How are NFL QB ratings calculated?

Interceptions, Rushing yards, passing yards, rushing td's, passing td's

What QB has the most yards rushing in his college career?

Pat White, West Virginia University 4480 rushing yards

Best rushing QB?

ALLTIME (Stat Wise) Randall Cunningham -4,928 rushing yards Steve Young-4,239 rushing yards Michael Vick-3870 rushing yards Fran Tarkenton -3674 ruhsing yards Steve McNair-3570 rushing yards

If the quarterback gets sacked for a loss does the the loss of yards go against his passing yards?

no it does not, it counts against his rushing yards

Who is the SEC QB with most rushing yards in one season?

cam newton 2010

Who has the most rushing yards in college football history as a big east quarterback?

Pat White holds the QB rushing record.

What place does Pat White hold in QB rushing yards?

3,936 (October 4, 2008)

Who has the most rushing yards in a game for a quarterback?

The quarterback with the most rushing yards in NFL history is Randall Cunningham with a total of 4,928 Yards (35 TDs). Michael Vick (Active) comes in second at 4,567 Yards (31 TDs). Steve Young is 3rd with 4,239 Yards but has the most career rushing touchdowns. (43 TDs). Also notable records include: - Michael Vick's single season QB Rushing Yards record at 1,039 Yards (8.4 Yards Per Carry). - New England Patriot Steve Grogan's single season (1976) QB Rushing Touchdown record with 12 Touchdowns. - The single game Rushing TD record at 3 TDs by many different QBs including Daunte Culpepper.

Who holds the record for most career rushing yards by a quarterback?

Patrick White, WVU QB 2005-2008 4,385 yards

Which QB holds rushing yards record in the Super Bowl?

Steve Mcnair of the Tennessee Titans with 64 yards as far as I know

Who had four NFL records in 2002 including most rushing yards in a game by a QB?

Michael Vick