NCAA college football Mascots

Updated: 9/27/2023
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I don't know all of them but here are a few schools and the animals they have:

Air Force Academy - falcon named "Yeti"

Arkansas - razorback (wild boar) named "Tusk"

Baylor - They have a live bear habitat on campus:

Colorado - Ralphie the Buffalo
Colorado State - Cam the Ram

Connecticut - A husky named "Jonathan"
Georgia - Probably the world's most famous bulldog "UGA"

Georgia Southern - "Freedom" the live Bald Eagle who flies to the field before kickoff and is escorted along the sidelines and in the stands by his handler.

Yale has a live bulldog named "Handsome Dan"

Georgetown also has a bulldog named "Jack the Bulldog"

Houston had a live cougar until 1989. I guess they had difficulty controlling the last one so they stopped using live cougars.
LSU - a live tiger named "Mike"

Memphis - a tiger named "Tom"

Navy - a goat named "Bill the Goat"

North Alabama - 2 lions named Leo & Una

Oklahoma - OU has 2 white ponies named "Boomer" and "Sooner" that pull the "Sooner Schooner" (a covered wagon)
South Carolina - rooster named "Sir Big Spur"

SMU - a black stallion named "Peruna"
Interesting note, Peruna led the SMU band in President Bush's inauguration parade.

Texas - a Longhorn named "Bevo"
Texas A&M - a collie named "Reveille"

Washington - an Alaskan Malamute named "Spirit"
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Louisiana State University- Mike the Tiger VI
Auburn-War Eagle
Louisiana Tech- Champ XX
Southern University- Jaguar

I know there are more, but as of the moment, I can't think of anymore.

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There are many NCAA mascots. Some of these include the Oregon Duck, Big Jay of the University of Kansas, and the Sooner Schooner from the University of Oklahoma.

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The NCAA College Football mascot for the University of Kentucky is a wildcat. The mascot for the University of Cincinnati is a bobcat.

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NCAA Division 1 Basketball teams

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Q: NCAA college football Mascots
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