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About 3 million 11 year old boys play Baseball. The odds of anyone playing in the majors is 1 in 6,600. You have to not only be the best in your school but the best in your state, best in the minor league team you will almost certainly play for, to even be considered for the Majors. Remember there are only 750 players playing in the Majors. But there are 750 players and if you live and breath baseball and have the God given talent and skills you may be one of those 750. Tell him if he is not the very best on his team and one of the very best in his state he will not play major league ball. He will know by the time he is a senior if he has what it takes. His best chance to make it is as a pitcher especially if he is left handed. Great ball movement and control will get you a college scholarship over pure speed. Great catchers are also in demand as most boys do not want to be a catcher. His odds at any other position are slim.

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Q: My 11 year old is planning to play professional baseball. I'm trying to explain what a long shot it is. Does anyone know how many 11 year old boys play baseball in the US?
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