Most games caught by a catcher?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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As of June 16, 2009 both Ivan Rodriguez and Ray Boone have caught 2,225 games. Rodriguez is expected to break this record with his next appearance.

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Q: Most games caught by a catcher?
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Most consecutive games caught by a Cub catcher?

Damon Berryhill in 1989 with 25 games

Who played catcher for the Boston Red Sox in 1967?

The '67 Red Sox used several catchers that season with Mike Ryan getting in the most games as catcher. Ryan caught in 79 games, Russ Gibson caught 48 games, Bob Tillman caught 26 games before being traded to the Yankees for Elston Howard, who then caught in 41 games for the BoSox and even George Thomas got in one game as a catcher for Boston that season.

Who was Steve Carlton's catcher?

The two catchers most associated with Carlton would be Tim McCarver and Bob Boone... McCarver caught him in St. Louis and Philadelphia and Boone caught him in Philadelphia. Obviously, others caught his games as well, but those two men caught the most of his starts.

Who has played the most games at catcher?

Carlton Fisk with 2226 games played as a catcher

Who caught the most no hitters in Major League Baseball?

Jason Varitek caught four no hitters, which is an MLB record for a catcher.

How do you use the word catcher in a sentence?

The catcher caught the baseball.

Malay man catcher?

The Most Dangerous Games

What catcher has caught the most base runners at 1st Base?

Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals.

What are the names of the catchers that have caught perfect games and no hitters from 1990 through 2007?

I will give you the catchers of perfect games. Through the end of the 2007 regular season, there have been 5 perfect games pitched since 1990. 1) Dennis Martinez, Montreal Expos - 1991. Catcher was Ron Hassey. Hassey is the only catcher in MLB history to have caught two perfect games, having caught Len Barker's perfect game in 1981. 2) Kenny Rogers, Texas Rangers - 1994. Catcher was Ivan Rodriguez. 3) David Wells, New York Yankees - 1998. Catcher was Jorge Posada. 4) David Cone, New York Yankees - 1999. Catcher was Joe Girardi. 5) Randy Johnson, Arizona Diamondbacks - 2004. Catcher was Robby Hammock.

When a bug is caught in the catcher how is it best to dispose of it?

The BugZooka Bug Catcher Vacuum includes a removable catch tube which the insect is captured in. This tube can then be removed to transport the caught insect outside.

Does a strikeout count as a put out?

Yes. A catcher gets credited with the putout on a strikeout if the ball is caught cleanly. In the event of a dropped third strike, if the catcher tags the hitter, he again gets credited with the putout. If the third strike is dropped and the catcher must throw down to first, the catcher gets credited with an assist and the first baseman gets credited with the putout. In no case would the pitcher get credit for the putout or assist. Source: MLB Official Rule 10.09b

Who played 500 games at first base third base and catcher?

Joe Torre ... 903 games at catcher, 787 games at first base, and 515 games at third base.