Michigan football retired numbers

Updated: 10/20/2022
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11, 47, 48, 87, 98

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Q: Michigan football retired numbers
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Are any wvu football numbers retired?

Sam Huff

Which President played college football for the unviersity of Michigan?

Gerald Ford played center for Michigan from 1932-34. The school has retired his number, 48.

Is terry crews retired from football?

terry crews is retired from football

Has Alessandro Nesta retired from football?

He has retired from international football, but he still plays for AC Milan.

Have any coaches won the college football championship as their final game?

Tom Osborne with Nebraska. He retired in 1997 after they went undefeated and shared the National Chapionship with Michigan.

How many numbers have the San Diego Padres retired?

There are 5 retired numbers 6,19,31,35 and 42

What are the numbers retired at Fenway park?

The Jersey numbers retired by the Boston Red Sox are, 1,4,8,9,27,42

Is Ryan nece retired from football?


Does thierry Henry still play international football?

Henry has retired from football.

What team does Alan shearer play for?

He retired from Football

Which football player was the oldest when they retired?

I think it is Giggs

Is Emile Heskey retired?

From international football, yes.