Make it possible for sb to do sth?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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make it possible for sb. to do

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Q: Make it possible for sb to do sth?
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What is the difference between send in and send out?

According to the Oxford Adv. Learners' Dictionary: send sb in = to order sb to go to a place to deal with a difficult situation: Troops were sent in to restore order. send sth in = to send sth by post / mail to a place where it will be dealt with: Have you sent in your application yet? send out for sth = to ask a restaurant or shop / store to deliver food to you at home or at work: Let's send out for a pizza. send sth out = 1] to send sth to a lot of different people or places: Have the invitations been sent out yet? 2] to produce sth, such as light, a signal, sound, etc.

What is meant by the term STH in English?

The term sth is a standard abbreviation for "something" in English. It is a very common word to find in books such as dictionaries. Other such terms are "sb" and "so" for somebody and "someone".

Synonym for Make sb feel a desire for sth?

Sonja Brava began to feel amorous and erotic toward Steven Thaddeus Horvat when he broght her three dozen roses and made her a steak dinner.

Is it correct English to say sb has learned sth from an early age?

It is not correct English to say "somebody has learned something from an early age" due to the use of "has".

How can you submit s sb?

Is it possible to zfib

What does the idiom ran out mean?

ran is the past form of run so run out has several meanings1.if a supply of sth runs out,it is used up or finished: Time is running out for the trapped miners.2. if an agreement or a document runs out,it becomes no longer validrun out(of sth):to use up or finish a supply of sth: We ran out of fuel. Could I have a cigarette?I seem to have run out on sb:To leave sb that you live with,especially when they need your help.

What does sth stand for?

"sth" stand for Somthing.

What does STH stand for in Prime STH?

STH stands for "Speed, Time, and Height". It is a set of physical parameters used to measure the capabilities of characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

When did Drain STH end?

Drain STH ended in 2000.

When was Drain STH created?

Drain STH was created in 1993.

Gre replacement is possible?

if sb wants to cancel his/her appointment, what should he do?

Would you please give me a sentence with enhance in it?

"To enhance something is to make sth better"