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Q: Joe montana's last team he played for?
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What is Montanas sports teams?

joe Montana played for the 49ers

What is Joe Montanas favorite food?

Meatballs hoagie

Who are joe montanas siblings?

There were none. He was an only child.

What is Joe Montanas nickname?

Joe Montana has a few nicknames, the most popular being Joe Cool. In addition is has also been referred to as The Comeback Kid, The Golden Great, Golden Joe and last but not least David W. Gibson.

What team is joe rullier on?

why is this in the Jonas Brothers ?, the last team he played for was HPK Hameenlinna of the FNL, I believe he is currently a UFA he also spent time in Binghamton last year of the AHL

What team was shoeless joe on?

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson played for the Chicago White Sox

Which team did joe dimaggio play for?

Joe Dimaggio played for the New York Yankees.

What are the names of joe montanas kids?

Quit bein' nosy. Check out Mr. Men's Mr. Nosy. :/

In the show JONAS what are the brothers last name?

Their last names are Lucas. Nick Lucas is played by Nick Jonas, Joe Lucas is played by Joe Jonas, and Kevin Lucas is played by Kevin Jonas.

What baseball team did Joe DiMagglo play on?

Joe DiMaggio played his entire career with The New York Yankees.

What was the team Joe Montana played in a Super bowl?

Joe Montana played in and won Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV.

Where is Joe Joe Hill that played basketball against Texas Western?

actually his name is Bobby Joe Hill and he is the coach of the NBA team San Antonio Spurs.