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Q: Is there any tickets left for the nrl grand final?
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Are there any WrestleMania tickets left?

Well, I don't think there are any WrstleMania 25 tickets left. If you are wondering why, it is about 3 more days until WrestleMania 25.

Are there any take that tickets left?

yes and no SOME have run out or are not avalible

Did any team win the afl grand final from bottom position previous year?

No, it hasn't happened. The closest was Collingwood which went from last in 1976 then drew the grand final in 1977. Collingwood lost in the grand final replay.

Are there any athletics tickets left for the Olympics preferably to see Jessica Ennis?


Can you buy tickets at halftime in a basketball game?

if there is any open seats left then maybe

How many games must a player play in rugby league to play in the grand final?

Any number. You can be injured or suspended the whole season and just play the Grand Final. Go the Storm

Grand chase how to get champion tickets?

To use champion tickets, go to Champion Mode below the World Map and choose any place that you have. When the game start, you used 1 champion ticket already.

Are there any one direction tickets left for the Melbourne tour?

No all of the concert tickets have sold out in Australia, you may be able to buy some on eBay for around about $1000

Is their any golden tickets left to win the Justin Bieber contest?

yes there is i think theres 2

You want to purchase tickets for mens final Wimbledon 2008?

{| |- | It is very easy, just go to any of the online ticket seller and buy tickets online. There are many websites present on the Internet Go to these websites and find tickets for all major events. |}

Are there any take that tickets left for 2011?

there are probably a load left: ~ reports from the ticket sellers is that they have sold out by 1500 hours on 29/10/2010

Who will win the grand final?

At this point in time it's not possible for people to predict the future with any certainty.