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No, there is no 10 second rule in women's NCAA Basketball. However, there is a 30-second shot clock. A team in possession of the ball can spend the entire 30 seconds in the back court and never bring the ball over the half court line.

As a practical matter, teams are trying to score, and they move the ball up the court quickly. The lack of a 10 second rule does not have a significant impact on the game, in my opinion.

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Q: Is there a 10 second rule for women's ncaa basketball?
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Is there a 5 second count in girls basketball the backcourt?

There is no time allotment in girls basketball. They can take as much time as they want. There is a 10 second rule in boys high school and college ball. The NBA has an 8 second rule.

What is the 90 second rule?

There is no 90 second rule in basketball.

Does youth basketball have a defensive 3 second rule?


Are artificial noise makers allowed at NCAA volleyball games?

Womens NCAA Volleyball... Nope Men's NCAA Volleyball... YEAP, does not say anywhere in the rulebook! Probably might be a gym/arena rule not to use but those are the uptight, anal, conservative people who make the game boring.

Are the national basketball association and the national collegiate athletic association govern the rule of basketball?

I'm pretty sure it's an organization called FIBA The NCAA control American college basketball, the NBA controls American professional basketball, and FIBA control international rules of play.

What is High school basketball three second rule?

the three second rule doesn't only apply to high school basketball, it applys to any basketball (including the NBA). The three second rule is when three seconds have been spent in the 'key' consecutively without exiting and re-entering the key. In which case, this is a turnover

What are the official's of basketball?

The official rules vary depending upon where you are playing. The NBA, the WNBA, the NCAA and high schools have different rules. While they are all very similar, there are subtle differences. Most of them have the official rule packages available online. See the Related Link for "Basketball Rule Comparisons" to the bottom for the answer. See the Related Link for "NCAA Basketball Rules" to the bottom for the answer. See the Related Link for "National Federation High School Rules" to the bottom for the answer. See the Related Link for "WNBA Rules" to the bottom for the answer. See the Related Link for "FIBA Rules" to the bottom for the answer.

How long is a timeout in NCAA mens basketball?

ARTICLE 7. a. A charged full team timeout requested by any player or head coach shall not exceed one minute, 30 seconds (Exception: Rule 3-3-4-e-3). This includes the 25-second play clock interval.

What is one rule of basketball?

1 rule is you can not run with the ball

Does the 3 second rule in High school basketball apply to just having one foot in the key or do both feet have to be in?

One foot

What is the ten second rule in basketball?

the ten second rule in basketball is called when the offense (team with the ball) has not yet crossed half court on to the other side within the ten second time limit. The National Basketball Association changed this rule to the "8 second rule", where as the name suggests, an offensive player must cross the ball passed the half court line 8 seconds after gaining possession.

Why is there an out of bounds for basketball?

because that is the rule...