Is the game cricket a dangerous sport?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Cricket is very dangerous, from just Bowling a ball you have have to ball with a proper action if not you could easily twist your ankle break your back, disconnect your collar bones and for wrist spinners they could break their wrist and theres even hip problems. and for the batsmen its never easy facing a ball going 140-160 km/h as they fear the ball hitting them the bowlers are allowed to ball at their bodies its totally legal they will give you bouncers to your head and imagine on a cold day fielding with your bare hands it makes your palm go red. cricket also has bruises and not small ones big ones cricket injuries can end your career if it happens often. i have been hitten by a cricket ball on the head once and its not easy handling the pain if the ball hits the temples it could result in death.

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Q: Is the game cricket a dangerous sport?
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