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The floor is not really changed they just replace the stickers on the court from lakers to clippers every time the clippers have a game also as they do in every game polish and clean the court.

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Q: Is the floor changed when the clippers play at staples?
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How come the lakers and the clipres can play at the same home court the whole season?

The LA Lakers and the LA Clippers both play at the Staples Centre. They are able to do this because the floors that the Clippers and Lakers play on is a removable and moveable floor that disassembles just like blocks of lego. Therefore when there is a Lakers game and the Clippers floor is out, then the staff at the Staples Center just switch them out and now its the Lakers home court.

Where did the Clippers play before the Staples Center?

The Clippers played at the Sports Arena right by USC.

When do they clippers play?

The Clippers play in the Staples Center, the same arena as the Los Angeles Lakers. 1111 S. Figueroa st.

What two teams play at staples center?

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Where do the clippers play their home games?

The Los Angeles Clippers have been practicing at the Spectrum Health Club in El Segundo, CA. Specifically at 2250 Park Place, El Segundo, CA 90245

What city are the Los Angeles Clippers based in?

Los Angleles and they play at the Staples Center.

When the clippers play do they cover the lakers championships banners?

No. The Clippers have wanted to cover up the banners, but technically the Lakers banners are part of STAPLES Center. Therefore, the Clippers can not cover them.

What is the home arena of the LA Clippers?

The Los Angeles Galaxy play their home games at The Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

How many home courts do the lakers have?

They only have one home court, Staples Center. The Lakers play 41 home games, not including "road" games against the Clippers and playoff games.

Do the lakers and clippers use the same court?


What was the original name of Los Angeles Clippers?

The Clippers began play in the NBA as the Buffalo Braves in 1970. The Braves moved to San Diego in 1978. Sometimes when teams move to a new city they change their name. In this case, the team changed their name from the Braves to the Clippers to represent the boating and sailing that can be done off the coast of San Diego in the Pacific Ocean. The Clippers then moved to Los Angeles in 1984. Instead of changing their name, they kept Clippers as the nickname.

What city did the clippers use to play in?