Is the combat bat legal

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Balance, weight distribution, and feel is the generic answer.

I am old-fashioned and much prefer wooden Baseball bats. Since that is what is used from the summer leagues up through MLB, even the best players cannot compare their statistics to wood-only players if they are using aluminum and composite bats. Non-wood bats make the ball fly farther. A player in college who uses an aluminum bat and hits a lot of home runs would have only warning track power in the more cavernous minor league and MLB parks with a wooden bat in his hands.

The best baseball bats are made from white ash or maple. The barrel tapers to a handle that is custom fit to the player. Major League ballplayer use bats that are anywhere from 30" and 28oz. to 35-36" and 35-36 ounces. Since it is bat speed which hits home runs, players looking to increase their swing speed will opt for bats in which the top of the barrel is concave. Some player prefer a thin handle so that they can roll their wrists over on the swing after contact. Others prefer the control of a thicker handle. What makes a bat ultimately good though is what was said at the outset - balance, weight distribution and feel, and those are attributes which each player will approach individually.

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Yes Combats are good bats. I have a friend who has the B1 and the ball flies off of it. The Virus is also a good bat. You should get it.

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Combat baseball bats can cost anywhere from $70 for a junior bat to $270 for a Senior League baseball bat. They can be purchased at the Amazon online store.

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Q: Is the combat bat legal
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