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Soccer is the most famous and most played sport around the world today. There have been different variations of football in various localities, like the Futsal which is played indoor on hard floors (popular in Spain, Japan, and Brazil), Indoor Arena soccer which is popular in Europe, and beach football which is popular in Greece, Turkey, and Spain.

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My grandmother told me not how soccer was adapted, but that when they began they used heads of prisoners they killed and played soccer with heads thousands of years ago.

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no because many people do things do

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Q: Is soccer played in every country with the same rules?
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What are the rules of Brazil soccer?

The same rules as in every country Soccer rules are defined by an international organization. for those who have never heard about it, this organization is called: FIFA

How is soccer played in France?

Soccer is played the same way in France as they have to follow F.I.F.A rules. its played like other countries play soccer. the rules of FIFA must be followed. if not, they are not a country who plays football.

What are the Pan American soccer rules?

Soccer is played by the same rules in every part of the world, with very few (non-notable) exceptions.

Is any one person or country responsible for the invention of soccer?

Boys have been kicking objects for as long as there have been little boys. Ancient Roman solders played a game somewhat similar to soccer. The game as it is now played with the rules similar to the current rules and from which the current rules came was invented in England. So, the game of Soccer was invented in England.

Where did soccer first come from?

i think soccer came from England.the rules their are very different from American soccer. they played very bloody when they played soccer.

Why do you need soccer rules?

All sports need rules, or else they cannot be played. So like any sport, soccer needs rules.

Which game is played to the Harvard Rules?


What soccer rules are used during world cup matches that is which country's rules?

The rules for football are made by F.I.F.A.

How do they play soccer in the cayman islands?

Soccer is played with normal FIFA rules in the Cayman Islands.

Is soccer played in every counrty with the same rules if not what are the differences?

Professional or amateur soccer played under official organizations have the same rules. Official organizations are those affiliated in FIFA's pyramid, that is, FIFA > Confederations > National Federations > Regional Associations > Clubs. Even though there are many variants of "soccer" (11-a-side, indoor, beach, 7-a-side), all of those variants have their own set of rules determined by the highest organizations. What can be different in every single country, both in national and regional levels, is the type of championships or cups played by the clubs, which have a certain degree of independence, and every Regional Association, Federation, Confederation or even FIFA can determined the number of participant clubs, total number of games, rounds between clubs, and so forth, of their own leagues or cups.

Did the rules of soccer change?

The International Football Association Board holds a meeting every year to determine approperate alterations to the rules of soccer (offically known as "The Laws of the Game").

What are the rules to slime soccer?

Trying to find the exact rules for the game of slime soccer has been difficult, as there is not one set of exact rules, since this game is a computerized version and not played by real people.