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Yes they do, referring to the big football stars they but every year.

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Q: Is real Madrid also known as galacticos?
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Are Real Madrid known as Las Chivas?

No, Real Madrid Club de Fútbol are also known as Real Madrid, Los Blancos, Los Merengues and Los Galacticos.

Which spanish team are nicknamed los galacticos?

Real Madrid.

Which country does Real Madrid play in?

Real Madrid play in Spain where Madrid is the capital.

What is the meaning of C.F. in the word Real Madrid CF?

Real Madrid C.F. is an abbriviation for Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (English: Madrid Royal Football Club, also known as Real Madrid, Los Blancos, Los Merengues

What is the nickname for The Real Madrid?

Real Madrid's nicknames are Los Blancos(The Whites) and Los Merengues (The Meringues).

Is Real Madrid the name of a spanish football team?

yes, real Madrid is the name of a Spanish football team, it is called F.C real Madrid , which mean "foot ball club of real Madrid, real Madrid is known worldwide for it's championships and world records, and top players.

Is Enrique Iglesias a Real Madrid supporter?

Yes, he is since he was born in Madrid and his father was a Real Madrid goalkeeper as a youngster. Also he was seen in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadiumsupporting Real Madrid in a couple of matches.

Who has a higher rank barca or real Madrid?

Real Madrid have a better ranking in the current 2011/2012 league, and Madrid also has a better ranking in history between barca and madrid.

How many goals did Roberto Carlos score for Real Madrid?

Raúl González Blanco, simply known as Raúl, has scored 312 goals for Real Madrid, to date, which is a record number of goals for Real Madrid by a single player.

Who is better real Madrid or man you?

and are the same exept that real Madrid have won more cups and also real Madrid is more aggressive the only reason Barcelona beats them is because of the midget messi

Which teams have successfully retained the European cup?

Liverpool 77 & 78, Real Madrid 1985 & 1986. Also Nottingham Forest 1979 and 1980.

Who partners of the The Real Madrid football team?

As of 2015, the shirt sponsors of Real Madrid are Fly Emirates. Also, their manufacturer is Adidas.