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Wash the leather football with warm soapy water. Dry with a cloth. Then rub well in with a leather preservative to prevent the leather from hardening or absorbing water- use dubbin or saddle-soap.

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Q: Is it good to clean a leather football with water?
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Any good leather store will give you a leaflet and sell you leather cleaner.

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There are many products available to help you clean your leather couch. Leather couches are not any more difficult to clean than suede couches. You will need to buy a leather conditioner to keep it in good condition though.

Is leather a good conductor of electricity?

No, BUT -- leather can absorb moisture, and water is a good conductor.

How do you store shine to patent leather shoes?

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yep..!! f50 are the best boots...!!but synthetic are good....leather is bad

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Pledge, Siege, and Leather Therapy all make good leather cleaners that also condition your furniture. Look for a conditioner/restorer instead of just a cleaning product.

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I don't own Ugg, but wear a lot of leather and suede boots. If they are suede you want to protect them from water ( I don't wear suede in rain) and to get a suede brush. With the brush you can brush the nap up and this will help clean them. Don't use one of the sprays on them unless it states that it can be used on suede. The spray will flatten your nap on the suede, which is what you don't want. Smooth leather can be cleaned with a leather cleaner that is made for that purpose. Get a good one because it will clean and polish the leather.

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I suggest trying the Mr. Clean White Eraser. It's worked on my leather cream colored sofa for all kinds of stains and dirt. Just moisten the eraser with a bit of water and start wiping. Good luck!

Can leather handbags be stored in attic?

if there is good ventilation yes, you should treat them with a leather PROTECTOR sold at any good footwear store or leather coat store, high heat can damage leather, as can excessive cold and mostuire. if mildew or mold shows up on them , you can clean it off with white vinegar.

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