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Yes, probably in the major leagues. This is a judgment call by the official scorer. An error is charged if a major league player would be able to catch the ball with an ordinary effort. The lights in major parks are excellent so unless there is fog or some unusual conditions it is an error if a catchable ball drops even if the player does not see it.

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Q: Is it an error when the player loses a fly ball in the lights?
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A fumbled ball is when the ball is?

A fumbled ball is when a player loses possession of the ball while attempting to maintain control, usually due to mishandling or a defensive player disrupting the play.

When a player loses control of the ball in football and falls down is called?


What happens in table tennis when the player obstucts the ball?

The answer is ... it depends. A player who obstructs the ball when it's travelling towards the table loses the point, whereas they don't if the ball is travelling away from the table.

Can a basketball player touch the ball after he loses it?

Depends upon how he lost it. If an opposing player knocked it out of his hand, then he can. If he loses it on his own and takes some steps before recovering it, then it would be traveling.

Is it a volleyball attack error when the player attempts to hit the ball and misses it?

yes it is

What is the scoring when a defensive player fields the ball and makes no play while not allowing a runner to score?

It would not be an error if the defensive player fields the ball cleanly.

What is a hit in baseball?

When a player hits the ball to get on base without an error in the field.

Player throws his glove at a baseball does not hit ball?

Nothing happens but it reflects poorly on the player throwing the glove. If he does hit the ball with his glove a dead ball is called and the runners advance two bases and the fielder is charged with an error.

When do you rotate on the volley ball court?

after your team loses posession of the ball

What is a serve error in volleyball?

A serve error is when the ball fails to land in the 30x30 courton the opposite team's side. If the ball touches any part of the body of a player on the opposite side and goes out, it is considered good. I hope this helps(:

If a player catches a fly ball and in attempting to throw it to hold a runner but drops the ball is this an error on the player and is the hitter awarded a hit?

If the fielder catches the ball and, during the motion of reaching into the glove to grab the ball to throw, the ball drops to the ground the batter is called out. As long as the fielder has complete control of the ball before attempting to throw, the umpire will call the batter out.

What happens when you sink the object ball and the cue ball?

The person who sunk the cue ball and the eight ball off the break loses.