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Q: Is fumble after helmet to helmet hit still a fumble?
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Professional football words?

Pass, rush, yards, interception, fumble, penalty, tackle, helmet, touchdown

What happens when you wear a bike helmet in a accident?

If you hit your head on something, the helmet will spread and soak up some of the energy of the hit, reducing your risk of head injury. If you don't hit your head, the helmet won't do anything. In extremely rare cases, the helmet will snag on something and yank on your head/neck.

If a player with the ball trips and falls untouched and the ground causes a fumble is it a loose ball or dead ball ie ground caused the fumble?

In the NFL, the play would be a fumble as a player must be 'downed by contact' for the play to be whistled dead. If there was no contact causing the player to hit the ground the play is still active. In college football, the play would be dead as there is no 'downed by contact' rule and once the player is on the ground the play is whistled dead.

Can fumble be used as fumble in exams?

fumble is when you use one hand to do something and not the other

Can you translate estoy triste cuando mi mama me lastimo con mi casco?

It means, I'm still sad ,when my mom hit me with a helmet.

Are protec helmets suitable for riding a push bike?

Protec helmets are mainly intended for skating/skateboarding. The main design difference between a skate and a bike helmet is that the bike helmet is designed to take one big hit and then be discarded, while skate helmets can take several smaller hits and still be OK to use. If you were to take a really hard fall, then a bike helmet will protect more than a skate helmet, they can soak up more energy. Still, the "wrong" helmet will offer more protection than no helmet.

What does the term ear holing mean in football?

A helmet lead hit to the side of an opponents helmet (their earhole).

When did The Fumble happen?

The Fumble happened in 1987.

Did Roger Goodell fine the New England Patriots player that had a helmet to helmet hit against Hines Ward?


What happens when the football hits the helmet of the receiving team?

a fumble that cannot be advanced by the kicking team Under current NFL rules, whether the ball hits a receiver in the helmet or not, is a non-factor. You can catch the ball off of your head, someone else's head, etc. So long as the ball never touches the ground. That said, it's illegal for a pass to hit an ineligible receiver first (an offensive lineman for example) in any way.

In the NFL can you fumble a play due to a hamstring injury?

Yes, a fumble is a fumble, the cause doesn't matter.

When was Fumble - band - created?

Fumble - band - was created in 1967.