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Yes, it are two names for the same position

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Q: Is a wing spiker the same as an outside hitter in volleyball?
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What is striking in volleyball?

striking is the same as attacking in volleyball.

What were the two aunts called in 'James and the Giant Peach'?

Aunt Spiker - A dominating, cruel, malicious, and thoroughly repulsive lady, who derives a sadistic pleasure in manipulating and tormenting young James, who she sees as nothing more than a slave. Spiker is described as tall and thin - almost emaciated - with steel glasses. She meets her end when she is crushed to death as the giant peach rolls over her.Aunt Sponge - A lazy, greedy, selfish, and morbidly fat woman, and equally as cruel and repulsive as her sister Spiker. Sponge is more or less dominated by Aunt Spiker, but attempts to save her own life instead of Spiker when she sees the giant peach rolling towards her. Nonetheless they trip up over each other and meet the same

Why is softball confused with volleyball?

In volleyball, volleyball is a soft ball. Same thing with softball. That's why people confuse softball with volleyball. Also, the guy who is answering your question sees girls playing volleyball when I hear the term "softball."

Is a digger and passer the same in volleyball?

yes it is

How are basketball handball and volleyball alike?

the all have to do with a ball . volleyball and handball are similar because you are hitting the ball. Basketball and volleyball are the same because you have to make a goal. baketball in the hoop volleyball over the net

What does mean co ed volleyball?

Co-ed volleyball is when both guys and girls play on the same team.

What is the serving position in volleyball?

the same that serves in tennis

What are differences between softball and volleyball?

You don't use bats in volleyball, and you don't use nets in softball. Teams are different sizes. Balls are different sizes. Scoring system is that. Volleyball courts are very different from softball fields in size and composition.Other than that they are practically the same game.

How do you say Volleyball in Spanish?

I like volleyball: Me gusta voleibol. I like to play volleyball: Me gusta jugar voleibol.You say it like this: Me gusta el volleyball.

How can a bowling ball and a volleyball have the same momentum?

Linear momentum, p=mv, is proportional to mass and velocity. Since the bowling ball far outweighs the volleyball, the difference in velocity would have to be determined in order for them to possess the same amount of momentum. If the volleyball is traveling at a high enough speed (orders of magnitude higher), they can both have the same momentum. Either that or fill the volleyball with concrete.

What does better the ball mean in volleyball?

It just means to make the ball better For example, a setter getting a bad pass and making a great set would be bettering the ball. Same thing for a hitter receiving a bad set.

What is a doublehit in volleyball?

A double hit in volleyball is when the same player contacts the ball twice without another player touching the ball.