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Q: Is a baseball teams schedule the same every year?
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Who was the last baseball player to play in the same game for both teams?

No one. Players are not allowed to play for two different teams in the same game in professional baseball.

Can a player play for two teams in the same baseball game?


What baseball teams and football team has the same name?

cardinals, giants

How can you balance your work at the same time your studying?

make a schedule of your everday work and class.. do every schedule carefullly and efficiently.. manage your time.

How do you switch teams in big win baseball?

I dont think you can. I had the same problem...

What is the world champion ship in soccer called?

The most relevant answer would be the World Cup, which happens every four years. There are so many leagues and teams in the world, that it'd be difficult, if not impossible, to have an annual championship. Not every league follows the same season schedule either, which is another reason it'd be hard to do every year.

Why do baseball teams play the same team on multiple dates?

Because of travel. Baseball teams in MLB are located all over the country. Being able to play three of four games in a row against the same team keeps the teams from having to travel more than they already do and saves the teams money.

How are the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves the same or similar?

They both are baseball teams.

If two NFL teams have the same record and beat and lost to the same teams how do they figure the seeds?

That's imposible due to the way the NFL staff craetes the schedule, they work around these problems and situattions to keep them from having them...Kind of like putting together a giant puzzle...

Do any pro football and baseball teams use the same stadium?

Oakland A's and Raiders

Which state has 2 major league baseball teams in the same city?

Chicago & New York

Why did they go to 162 games in Major League Baseball?

Both the American League and National League went to a 162 game schedule from a 154 game schedule when they expanded from 8 teams to 10 teams (AL in 1961, NL in 1962). This was done so each team could play the other 9 teams the same number of games. When the AL and NL were 8 team leagues, the teams played 22 games against each other in a season (154 divided by 7 equals 22). By adding 2 teams, if the AL and NL played 154 games in a season, there would be teams playing more games against one team than another team (154 divided by 9 equals 17.111). Going to a 162 game schedule meant the teams could play each other 18 times in a season (162 divided by 9 equals 18).