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It's a D1 College

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Q: Is Weber State University a D1 Basketball team?
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Are the Arizona State Sun Devils a basketball or football team?

Arizona State University has both a basketball and a football team.

What is the name of the Oregon State University basketball team?

Oregon State Beavers

Who is the best college basketball team in the state of Tennessee?

The University of TENNESSEE.

What are the major sports teams in Utah?

The Utah Jazz NBA Basketball team are the best known. There is a hockey team, The Utah Grizzleys, a baseball team, The Buzz and a soccer team, Real Salt Lake. In addition there are many University teams, to name 5, University of Utah, Utah State, Weber State, BYU, Southern Utah U.

When was the last time kansas State university wildcats men's basketball team played Wichita state university men's basketball team?

They played during the 2003-2004 season. Kansas State beat Wichita State 54-50 at home on December 10, 2003.

Where is the College basketball team Butler from?

Butler University is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Where is men's basketball located in Wisconsin?

The University of Wisconsin (Madison) and the the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay have basketball programs. Other state and private universities have basketball teams. The Milwaukee Bucks are a NBA team.

Which basketball team carries the name of a state which once was an independent country?

AnswerU of Hawaii.Also the University of Texas

Which American university has a basketball team called the Gophers?

The basketball team known as the Gophers play for the University of Minnesota. More information about the team can be found at the team's official website.

How many numbers has Ohio State University basketball team retired?

2 jerry lucas and john havlicek

What has the author Douglas Herakovich written?

Douglas Herakovich has written: 'Wolfpack handbook' -- subject(s): Basketball, History, North Carolina State University, North Carolina State Wolfpack (Basketball team)

Which college is the Gonzaga basketball team associated with?

The Gonzaga basketball team is the intercollegiate men's basketball team representing Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. The team's mascot is Spike The Bulldog.