Is Utah better than Alabama

Updated: 9/28/2023
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No, Utah is not better than Alabama. They might have won against Alabama but that does not mean Utah is better. Alabama had a off game and without Andre Smith every thing was harder for the running backs and for John Parker Wilson. There was a couple of catchable passes threw to the Alabama receivers but, they just could not hold on. Also, having three turnovers turnung into touchdowns in the first quarter did not go well for Alabama. I think if Alabama had Andre Smith and if they would have caught passes and played better they would have stomped Utah. There is Just one more thing I have to say and that is ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually considering that their the only unibeadible team they would have easly burned them out they gave up after the first quarter and had home crowd

Alabama is a whole lot better than Utah but we had a bad game the deffense couldn't tackle and block and we turned the ball over alot and that hurts a team if we played with Terrence Cody and Andre Smith we would have sent them home crying because we would have beat them so bad there ancestors would have felt it so ROLL TIDE!!!!!

Are u guys stupid, when u get ur asses handed to you 21-0 in the first quarter i think that means UTAH is BETTER rocked ur asses good lord stop making excusses come on. One player doesnt win a game it takes a whole team to win and apparentley Alabama couldn't do that and UTAH did. RETARDS

I agree with the guy before me about one player not making a team. But Bama did have an off game so don't pay attention to him he's probably an Auburn fan that's still sore about that 36-0 WHOOPING Alabama issued them.

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utes would kill the dang courgers cause the cougers suck

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Byu 'cause the utes are trash and don't know a thing

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Q: Is Utah better than Alabama
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