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I got stung on my chin and it hurt. Because nothing cold to put on it

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Q: Is Troy Landry of Swamp People coming to Dallas on June 14th?
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How old is chase landry from swamp people?


Where does Troy Landry hunt in the show swamp people?

pierre part

Who is troy landry?

Alligator catcher in the cable series Swamp People

Where does troy landry off of swamp people live?

Pierre Part La

What nicknames does Troy Landry go by?

Troy Landry goes by King of the Swamp, and Nunky.

Where can you buy a Polo shirt like Troy Landry wears on swamp people?

Kohl's. It's a Ralph Lauren shirt.

Where can you buy troy landry shirt he wears on swamp people?

It's a Ralph Lauren shirt and Kohl's might still sell it.

How old is Troy Landry from Swamp People?

He was 50 for a 2011 interview, so he is at least 53 at the time of this writing (December 2014).

What actors and actresses appeared in Swamp People - 2010?

The cast of Swamp People - 2010 includes: Dougie Acosta as himself Johnny Banks as himself Kristi Broussard as herself Tom Candies as himself Liz Cavalier as herself Jessica Cavalier as herself Tommy Chauvin as himself Junior Edwards as himself Terral Evans as himself Glenn Guist as himself Harlan Hatcher as himself David La Dart as himself Marie Lacoste as herself Joe Lafont as himself Holden Landry as himself Troy Landry as himself Chase Landry as himself Jacob Landry as himself Clint Landry as himself Brandon Landry as himself Zz Loupe as himself Malcom McQuiston as himself Ron Methvin as himself Stacey Molinere as herself Al Molinere as himself Jay Paul Molinere as himself Jeromy Pruitt as himself Roger Rivers as himself Johny Tenner as himself

Who narrates Swamp People?

Pat duke narrates Swamp People

What the name of the song from the new show on History Channel swamp people?

The song from the new show on the History Channel Swamp People was written to be the theme song of Swamp People. The song is simply, Swamp People.

What are the release dates for Swamp Men - 2010 The Coming Storm 1-10?

Swamp Men - 2010 The Coming Storm 1-10 was released on: USA: 17 January 2011