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Q: Is Sharon versyp purdue basketball coach married?
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Who is the Purdue Boilermaker basketball coach?

Men's team: Matt Painter. Women's team: Sharon Versyp

Is Sharon Versyp married?

Yes, Sharon Versyp is married. She married her wife Sarahversyp in 2014.

When was Sharon Versyp born?

Sharon Versyp was born on December 03, 1965

When is Sharon Versyp's birthday?

Sharon Versyp was born on December 03, 1965

What is the birth name of Nolle Versyp?

Nolle Versyp's birth name is Arnold Versyp.

When was Louis Versyp born?

Louis Versyp was born on 1908-12-05.

When was Oswald Versyp born?

Oswald Versyp was born on February 9, 1939.

When did Louis Versyp die?

Louis Versyp died on 1988-06-27.

When was Nolle Versyp born?

Nolle Versyp was born on May 31, 1936, in Gent, Belgium.

When did Nolle Versyp die?

Nolle Versyp died on October 5, 2006, in Belgium of natural causes.

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