Is Sasha Striker alive

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes! She is. She was on iCarly one time. Vanessa Rodriguez rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find Her On These Choices Of Contact: 332-4628, 300 North Washington Street

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Sasha striker is not a real person she was just a woman on the tv show icarly so no is this answer

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Q: Is Sasha Striker alive
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What is Sasha Striker's record?

Sasha Striker is not a real person but was on iCarly for having a great record.

What level did Sasha Striker get to?


Who is the best game master?

Sasha striker

Who is Sasha striker on iCarly?

Sasha is a real life girl, and the real life Pak-Rat champ (yes the game is real), but her birth name is Sasha Rodriguez.

Whendid Sasha striker die?

she hasn't died

Was Sasha Striker ever seen after she was 16?


Was Sasha Striker really a top video game player?

no,Sasha Striker isn't really the best in the world.She was just a actor on ICarly shes just a normal girl.

Who did icarlys brother verse in pack rat?

Sasha Striker.

Who was the number one packrat player in the world?

Sasha striker

Who is the champion of pac rat?

Jerry Trainor also known as Spencer Shay Carly's big brother on the show iCarly on nick

Is Sasha striker the best Pac Rat player in the world?

On Icarly she is.

Does Sasha Striker love Spencer?

Depends which twin she is playing ;) Spoiler!