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Q: Is Justin Bieber going to sing at the Super Bowl?
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Is Justin Bieber going to be at the Super Bowl?

i don't relly know if Justin drew bieber is going to the super bowl

What nfl Super Bowl team is Justin Bieber going for?


Is Justin Bieber in the Super Bowl?

yes, he might be at the superbowl. They are not sure yet, if it is going to be Justin bieber or another performer. But i guess you will have to watch and see ! (:

Is Justin Bieber singing at the Super Bowl?


What team did Justin bieber go for in the super bowl?


Who is Justin Bieber rooting for in Super Bowl 2012?

The Giants.

Who did Justin Bieber route for in the super bowl?

The Munchalota Cockboys

Who did Justin bieber go for in the Super Bowl of 2010?

This is Justin Bieber and I saw this question and decided to answer it!! I went for the Pittsburgh Steelers!!

What time does Justin Bieber perform at the super bowl 2011?

he didn't sing in it :/

Did Justin Bieber go to the 2011 Super Bowl?

no but he was in the best buy commerical with Ozzy

Is the guy in the back of the Best Buy super bowl comertial Justin Bieber?


Is Justin Bieber playing well singing at the Super Bowl?

Im not sure if he played at the super bowl, but in my opinion just ask a guy that watched the game.