Is Heskey better than Messi

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Yes i beleive he is.

Messi is weak and short, always gets tackled. Heskey is huge, strong, fast. Heskey has scores for England and scored far more goals than Messi in the BPL

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Q: Is Heskey better than Messi
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Who is better messi or heskey?


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Obviously you idiot ponytails are epic carroll is undoubtably the best player in the game. HESKEY TIME

Which soccer team won a championship title in 2000?

emily heskey's team as he is better than messi and every team he plays for wins everything.

Who is the world's best striker?

Messi Heskey

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yes messi is better than van persie

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Why isn't heskey playing for Barcelona?

because the world is cruel. But also they would be wasting their money on messi when they could just buy heskey and have infinite goals.