Is Fresno California north or south?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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You would think South Cali but I'm saying north.

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Q: Is Fresno California north or south?
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What is the halfway point in California north to south?

Fresno, ca

What is Fresno's continent?

Fresno is a city in California, United States, which is located on the continent of North America.

What US interstate highway runs north from Fresno California to Sacramento?

California Route 99 runs north between Fresno and Sacramento, California. The distance traveled on that highway is 171 miles.

Is Fresno south or north?

You would think South Cali but I'm saying north.

What is the distance from Sacramento California to Fresno California?

165 miles down HIGHWAY 99 SOUTH.

What is the address for California State University in Fresno?

The general mailing address for California State University, Fresno is 5241 North Maple Avenue, Fresno, CA 93740. The phone line for general inquiries is (559) 278-4240.

Where is Portland Oregon from Fresno California?

It is 752 miles north according to Google Maps.

What state is Fresno in?

Fresno is in California.

Where is the Touby Lyfoung Foundation in Fresno California located?

The address of the Touby Lyfoung Foundation is: 565 South Filbert Avenue, Fresno, CA 93727-6557

When was Fresno California Temple created?

Fresno California Temple was created in 2000.

Which is farther north North California or South California?

Northern California is farther north than Southern California.

What is the mailing address of Pro Travel Fresno?

Pro Travel Fresno is a travel agency and a cruise agency. They are located in the state of California in the Fresno area. Their mailing address is 7735 North Blackstone Avenue #101, Fresno, CA. Their zip code is 93720.