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Q: Is David Beckham moving back to england?
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Has David Beckham givin back to the world?

Yes David Beckham and his wife Posh have a trust for children.

What shakespeare tattoo has david beckham got on his back?


David Beckham 2008 soccer salary?

Im pretty sure tht david beckhame's La Galaxy salary was 250 million. if they fail to pay him that salary he will quit and go back to england.

Has David Beckham ever cheated on Victoria Beckham?

He met her when he was around about 15 and David has said ever since then he hasn't looked back

Who is good in football?


How has David Beckham givin back to the world?

He has started a trust to help children.Along with his wife.

What all has David Beckham been throgh?

he fouled a argatinian player in 1998 if you can call it that got a red card sent off England failed blamed on david and in 2001 he scored a goal on the last minute with a freekick against Greece wich earnd respect back

Is David Beckham back?

He seems to be playing better recently. I have not seen him run so hard in a few years.

Is David Beckham in world cup?

No , he is awaiting surgery on his Achilles tendon. Article from CNN below is from May 16 2010. Sporting icon David Beckham has vowed to battle back to "full fitness" after having surgery to repair his ruptured Achilles tendon. The injury has shattered Beckham's hopes of playing for England in his fourth World Cup finals and left many to doubt that the former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder would ever play at the top level again.

How much is david beckham card is worth?

David Beckham currently is not earning as many would think. This year in the MLS he is only earning six and a half million. Not great considering that he was playing with tow of the richest franchises in the world before he moved to the US (Manchester United and Real Madrid). Despite this he makes a grand amount of money from advertisments and other endorsement deals. Back to the point, David Beckham is worth £25 million.

Who is David Beckham?

David Beckham is a famous soccer player from England. He is also married to Victoria who was in the group the Spice Girls. He is on the LA (Los Angles) Galaxy team. Hey its her friend he is on the Los angeles galaxy team and i don't like him hes just really hot. He is an awesome soccer player.

Where does David Beckham play for?

David Beckham plays his football with soccer club LA Galaxy, but at present is experiencing negative feed back from the fans and should / i hope returns to Man Utd no it played in real Madrid