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Yes, He is aboriginal

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no he is an african

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Q: Is Andrew Symonds an indigenous cricketer?
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When was Andrew Symonds born?

Andrew Symonds was born on June 9, 1975.

What is Andrew Symonds's birthday?

Andrew Symonds was born on June 9, 1975.

Famous australians born overseas?

Andrew Symonds the cricketer was born in Birmingham, England

Is Andrew symonds having an affair with Brett lees wife?

It is not known if Andrew Symonds is having an affair with Brett Lee's wife. Andrew Symonds is from Australia and is a former cricket player.

How old is Andrew Symonds?

Andrew Symonds is 42 years old (birthdate: June 9, 1975).

Who was Anil Kumble 600th Test wicket victim?

Anil Kumble's 600th Test wicket was English-born Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds, on January 17, 2008.

What is Andrew Symonds' official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Andrew Symonds is not known at this time.

Does Andrew symonds have kids?


When was Andrew Agar - cricketer - born?

Andrew Bee - cricketer - was born in 1965.

What is Andrew symonds middle name?

Andrew can you tell me your middle name/Jacob

When was Andrew Dykes - cricketer - born?

Andrew Dykes - cricketer - was born in 1971.

When was Andrew Campbell - cricketer - born?

Andrew Campbell - cricketer - was born in 1949.