Is Alex Rodriguez right handed

Updated: 10/19/2022
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I don't know what hand he writes with, if that's your question, but i know he throws with his right hand.

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Q: Is Alex Rodriguez right handed
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I think he is right

How many injurers did Alex Rodriguez have?

Alex had a torn labrum in his right hip

Is alex turner right handed?

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What are baseball player Alex Rodriguez's physical stats?

Alex Rodriguez is 6 feet 3 inches tall. He weighs 225 pounds. He bats right and throws right.

What heritage is Alex Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez is of Dominican heritage.

What is Alex Rodriguez's nationality?

Alex Rodriguez is of Dominican descent.

Who is Alex Rodriguez agent?

Alex Rodriguez's agent is Scott Boras.

Who made the most money in MLB?

alex rodriguez

What is Alex Rodriguez's birthday?

Alex Rodriguez was born on July 27, 1975.

What was Alex Rodriguez's 2009 salary?

Alex Rodriguez's 2009 salary was $33,000,000.

What was Alex Rodriguez's salary in 2010?

Alex Rodriguez's 2010 salary was $33,000,000.

Witch hand doses Ovechkin wrights with?

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