In soccer what is the 2 touch rule?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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The 2 touch rule refers to a foul committed by players during a set-piece (being from a corner, throw-in, free kick and penalties). This means, when you are the taker of any of those set pieces, you can only touch the ball twice AFTER it has come into contact with another player (whether from same or opposing team). This is because a set piece means that the opposing players cannot obstruct or intercept the ball until it has been touched. Therefore, the 2 touch rule means that you cannot roll a corner or freekick to yourself, neither can you "throw in" to yourself and lastly, you cannot push the ball forward and strike it during a penalty kick. A good example of players committing the 2 touch rule foul would be Thierry Henry and Robert Pires of Arsenal. Arsenal was awarded a penalty kick in one epl match. Henry and pires were in some discussions of how the penalty would go. As it turns out, Pires was to look as if he was going to strike the ball, but instead, roll the ball to the side for Henry to shoot. However, Pires' touch was too soft and the ball harly moved from the penalty spot. Pires chose to nudge it again to Henry, resulting in a foul against arsenal. This was because pires had touched the ball twice before another player had come into contact or play with the ball. search YouTube "Henry pires penalty" if you don't get what i mean.

Hope that helps (:

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Q: In soccer what is the 2 touch rule?
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