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Yes. When a player signals for a "fair catch," this only means they must be given the opportunity to catch the ball without the threat of being hit, with the stipulation that they cannot advance it. Once the ball hits the ground, the opportunity has been given and the fair catch is off. The player may then touch the ball, advance it, etc.

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Q: In ncaa football may player do a fair catch and the touch the ball after letting it hit the ground?
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If you catch the football and fall to your knees will i be down?

No. In Professional Football, in order to be "down" a receiver has to be tackled or in your scenario touched by a defensive player while on the ground.

Can you bobble the football to the ground in football?

In order to complete a catch, a receiver must maintain possession throughout the entire process. In the field of play, the ball can be bobbled so long as the player ends the catch in bounds with control of the ball. However, if a player does not have full possession of the ball as he goes out of bounds, or the catch is in any way aided by the ground, it is considered incomplete.

What does it mean for a player to trap the ball?

In soccer, it means to legally catch the ball with your body. In Field Hockey, trapping is catching the ball by pinning it between the stick and the ground, after which the player can move with the ball. In US football, it means that a forward pass is ruled incomplete because the player did not cleanly catch the pass, but caught it between his body and the ground.

Can any player catch the football?

No, the offensive line can't catch a pass

Try to refer back to the missed touchdown catch by VT in the Sugar Bowl. What are the rules behind a catch in college football. Does the ground have an effect on whether it is a catch?

You have to make the catch without using the ground. You have to have at least 1 foot down and you can't have the ground cause a fumble.

Do you need to have the football for 3 seconds for it to be a catch?

Yes only if it doesn't touch the ground!

What is the official term for a catch made by an offensive player in football?


How difficult is it to become a football player in the NFL?

verryyy easy if you know how to do it also it helps to be able to catch a football

If the football is deflected off another player can the quarterback catch the ball?


If a football player manages to catch the football with his legs is it a legal completed pass?

No the hands of the eligable reciever have to have a part in completeing a cetch in the nfl u can use any part of your body for control but the hands have to be used to make a reception The above answer is essentially correct, however the pass is not ruled incomplete until the ball touches the ground. So a player can catch the ball between his legs as long as he then retrieves it with his hands and demonstrates control without the ball ever touching the ground.

When an offensive player drops the football that is called?

When a football player drops the ball, it is called a fumble if he had possesion of the ball, or an incomplete pass if a receiver fails to catch the ball.

If a player is trying to catch a fly ball but drops it and catches it between his legs before it touches the ground is it a catch?