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the blue line the blue line

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Q: In hockey you are offsides over what line?
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In Novice hockey is there offside?

Yes in novice hockey there are offsides calls.

In hockey can you pass the puck to a player who is offsides or is it still offsides?

No, you may not pass the puck to a player who is currently in an off-sides position (both skates over the determining edge of the attacking blue line while the puck is not in the attacking zone).

What does the linesmen do in a hockey game?

I think they take care of offsides, icing, and the face-off.

What occurs when the defense crosses the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped?

offsides. penialzed 5 yards

What is the penalty if a hockey player goes into the defensive zone ahead of the puck?

Offsides, resulting in a face off taking place outside of the previous attack zone.

What are offsides in flag football?

The difference is that offense is when your team has the ball and defense is when you want to get the ball or tackle but in your case your going to rip the flag of the other person.

Is roller hockey the same as in-line hockey?


Does the US women's hockey team have the same rules as the men's hockey team?

No usually, they have the basic stuff, like offsides and all, but since the men tend to be more aggressive the women have fewer rules on things like bodychecks and tripping.

Moving across the line of scrimmage too early?

if your on offense it's false start, if your on the defense it's offsides

Does the offense get a first down on an offsides penalty in football?

When the defensive player moves over the line of scrimage and touches an offensive player before the ball is hiked. It's when a defensive player moves over the line of scrimage before the ball is snapped. If he touches an offensive player it's known as encroachment.

In hockey is there a rule of offsides?

Currently there are no offside rules in field hockey; except for the 5m distance required of an opponent at a free hit, or that all players must be in their own half for a centrepass. There is no except, there is no off side. The distance that opponents and sometimes your own players, have to be from a free hit, side line hit or corner hit has nothing to do with 'off side'

In ice hockey myskates are in the offensive zone and I've touched the puck in the neutral zone am i offside?

You are not offside. The puck must enter the offensive zone for offsides to be called. Further, a player's skates can enter the offensive zone before the puck, provided the player is in control of the puck and no other offsides conditions are in effect.