In cricket what is the legside?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Leg side is the side opposite to the strong side of the batsmans arms. If a batsman is right handed, the side of the ground to his left is leg side. Similarly if a batsman is left handed, the side of the ground to his right is the leg side.

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Q: In cricket what is the legside?
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Outswing Means Swinging Away From The Batsman. The Ball Will "Spin" in The Air (Swing) From The LegSide To The Offside.

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when you hold the ball as a normal fast bowler move your top to fingers slightly to the left then try and shine the left side of the ball that should make the ball swing in do the opposite for leg swing or whatever you call the opposite so point your top two fingers to the legside and shine right side of the ball that helps if it super windy and your a fast bowler and the wind is blowing the ball down the legside

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