In basketball what does Pd mean?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: In basketball what does Pd mean?
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What does pd mean in text terms?


What does pd stand for in basketball?

Passes Defended

What does pL and PD mean?

PL usually stands for "Personal Liability" and PD for "Property Damage"

What does water pd mean?

pressure difference

Can pd mean wife?

No pd means closer than a friend so lets say this boy likes you and he said will you be my pd he acaully means boy friend.

Are street basketball hoops illegal in Fresno ca?

Yes. you should call fresno PD to have it looked into. I have had this issue in my neighborhood and the PD did not do anything. I ended up having to meet with my city councilman to get assistance.

What does psd mean on Fantage?

i think you mean pd. Pd means prom date on fantage. but most ppl use "beb" on fantage. hope that helped :)

What does the medical abbreviation PD mean?

Peritoneal Dialysis

What does pd mean on Fantage?

On fantage pd means PROM DATE. (btw: i need a prom date im on fantage jesse5008)

What does you PICT PD mean in technology?

i pick prouduct design

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The phrase PD account can actually mean a few different things. It most commonly refers to a Personal Development account that can be opened with a specific state or university.

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PD refers to Public Domain whereby it is no longer protected by any intellectual property rights at all.