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Q: In baseball if you hit the ball run pass 1st base and try to reach 2nd base but you get tagged out will it count as a single?
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If a baseball player hits a line drive and tries for a double and gets tagged out does it count as a hit?

Yes. If you reach base safely from a base hit you are credited with a hit regardless of whether you are thrown out attempting to stretch it.

What is a single in playing baseball?

A single is a hit that allows the batter to reach first base safely.

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If you are a forced runner in baseball and make it to base before the ball gets there and get off the base but get back on it do you need to be taged out or does the ball just have to be on the base?

If you reach the base before the ball but overrun the base, you must then be tagged out. Once you reach the base it is no longer a force play and the fielder must tag you off the base to make an out.

In baseball are you out if the pop fly is caught by a feilder and not thrown to plate by the time you reach the plate?

You wouldn't be considered out unless you hadn't tagged up at third before you scored. If you faield to tag up, someoen can simply tag thrid base and you would be called out.

If a batter after hitting a ball to the outfield attempts to reach 3rd base but is tagged out at 3rd how is this scored?

It's scored as a double, out trying to advance!

R1 on 3B R2 on 1B 1 out caught flyball for second out R1 scores before R2 is put out for leaving early Does the run count?

the run counts if the runner on 3rd base tags up and then crosses the plate prior to the runner on 2nd base being picked off.If the player covering 2nd base fields the ball from the center fielder and tags the base for out # 3 prior to the runner on 3rd crossing the plate, the run would not count.Correction:Sorry I found the answer a bit confusing.The run would count if the throw from CF to home was not in time and the runner on third touches the plate before being tagged. However the run would not count if there is an appeal to 2nd and the runner at 2nd never comes back to touch. The run would not count in this situation. This is considered a force out and no runs count on a force out for out number 3.

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What call used for sliding?

In baseball, a player is considered to be sliding when they run towards a base and drop to the ground in order to avoid being tagged out. Sliding is used as a technique to reach a base safely and is commonly seen when a player is running to a base that is being defended by an opposing player with the ball.

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