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None. I am from Germany, and we don't wear any uniform.

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Q: In Germany what uniforms do they wear?
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Do German students wear a school uniform?

No, German students do not typically wear school uniforms. Schools in Germany generally allow students to wear their own clothes to class.

Did the lakers ever wear white uniforms?

yes, they wear uniforms every sunday at home games. sometimes they wear their regular uniforms away.

What kids like to wear uniforms?

none. no kids like to wear uniforms.

What uniforms do meteorologists wear?

scientist uniforms

Is it cheaper to wear uniforms?

Uniforms are cheaper.

Why do teachers have to wear uniforms?

no tthey dont have too wear uniforms they can dress elegantly

Do people in Indian private schools wear uniforms?

yes, they wear 711 uniforms?

Do australians wear uniforms?

yes schools in Australia do wear uniforms but some don't

Does basis chandler wear uniforms?

No you do not wear uniforms I know because I go here

Do German school student wear school uniforms?

they just wear regular clothes. they do not wear school uniforms

Why shouldn't teachers wear uniforms?

because they are adults and they shouldn't wear it and they are professional and professionals shouldn't wear uniforms

Do they wear uniforms in Cameroon?

You can bet they do. Africans love uniforms.