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The coach or bench personnel for each team is allowed three trips or conferences with no penalty. They are not charged with a conference if the pitcher is changed. So after three trips without a pitching change, a change must be made.

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Q: In ASA girls fast pitch how many trips are allowed to the mound?
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Can a pitcher that has to leave the mound from the two visit rule play shortstop and come back in to pitch the next inning?

The pitcher can re-enter the game as a pitcher later in the game if he is taken out with no trips to the mound or after one trip. If he is taken out after the second trip to the mound he can re-enter the game in any position except for pitcher..

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A "trip" or "visit" to the mound is an actual baseball rule, not baseball announcer slang. Rule 8.06 reads:A professional league shall adopt the following rule pertaining to the visit of the manager or coach to the pitcher:(a) This rule limits the number of trips a manager or coach may make to any one pitcher in any one inning(b) A second trip to the same pitcher in the same inning will cause this pitcher'sautomatic removal(c) The manager or coach is prohibited from making a second visit to the mound while the same batter is at bat, but(d) if a pinch-hitter is substituted for this batter, the manager or coach may make a second visit to the mound, but must remove the pitcher.And further: A manager or coach is considered to have concluded his visit to the mound when he leaves the 18-foot circle surrounding the pitcher's rubber.There is nothing in the rules that states when the "visit" actually begins. I have seen coaches walk out of the dugout, request time out, cross the foul line, then suddenly veer off and go to the first or third baseman, and this has not been considered a visit. I believe the interpretation is that the visit starts whenever a) the coach enters the 18 foot pitcher's circle, or b) if the pitcher leaves the 18 foot pitcher's circle and actually starts talking with the coach.There is nothing in this rule that addresses anything about a reason for the visit. However, typically, if the pitcher appears to be injured in some way, it is not considered a visit, but the umpire is usually there to ensure there is no strategy being discussed.