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The winner gets a bronze medal and comes third.

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Q: Importance of the world cup third place?
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Which country won third place in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Germany won third place in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

What was the closest Portugal made it in the World Cup?

Third place in 1966 FIFA World Cup.

What position was Poland in the 1974 world cup?

Third Place.

What were USA's best performance in the world cup?

1930 (Third Place)

Which year did Croatia win third place in FIFA World Cup?

Croatian came in 3rd in the 1998 World Cup.

Who played the match for the third place in world cup 1998?

The match for the third place in 1998 FIFA World Cup was played between Netherlands and Croatia. Croatia won the match. Netherlands 1 - 2 Croatia.

Did austria ever win the world cup?

No, Austria have never won the world cup. Their best result was in 1954 when they came in third place.

Did Germany win the FIFA World Cup in 2006?

Italy won the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Germany finished in third place.

Who won the won the World Cup in 2006?

First Place: Italy Second Place: France Third Place: Germany Fourth Place: Portugal

What football cup have turkey won?

Turkey hasn't won a world cup yet. At best , it has got a third place.

When was the third world cup of cricket played?

The third world cup of cricket was played in 1983.This world cup was hosted by England.India won the world cup.

Player scores in third place playoff world cup count to golden boot?

Yes it counts. It is a valid world cup fixture and does count,.