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One can be of assistance to anyone around them. Many people need help doing various tasks throughout the day and welcome help.

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Q: If we could be of any assistance to you?
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Identify a way that you could serve your community today?

Meals on Wheels or any group that helps the people in the community with assistance.

What is a sentence whit the word assistance?

A little assistance, please? I could not have completed the study without your able assistance. How much assistance did you gain from your assistants?

Why did George Grenville allow customs officers to obtain general writs of assistance?

He allowed them to obtain general writs of assistance so that they could be allowed to enter any location to search for smuggled goods. (The 'writs of assistance' was legal documents that allowed customs officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods.)

My daughter has bipolar disorder and cannot afford her medications. Is there any assistance program that could help her?

There are many different types of medical assistance programs available in almost any state. Of course these will vary based on the state you are in. It is best to check with your local welfare office to find out.

Do you have any questions not answered?

Yes... There are many questions on this site not yet answered, due to the volume of questions asked. Your assistance could be welcome.

Did Isaac Newton have any assistance?


Could you please ignore the previous attached report?

Of course, I will disregard the previous attached report. Let me know if you require any further assistance.

Are there any Ohio programs for low income assistance?

You can check out the Lutheran Services assistance programs.

You are welcome, gla?

You are welcome, glad I could be of assistance.

In Texas what boat operators required to do when involved in an accident?

Give assistance to any person injured in the accident.

Does the government give energy assistance to green companies?

I could find no evidence that the government gives energy assistance to business, just individuals.

How do I qualify for housing assistance? could help they are nonprofit