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Q: If someone in the nfl plays with a injury and someone hits that person on purpose is there any penalty?
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What is the purpose of a injury lawyer?

Injury lawyers help you collect money from someone who has injured you. For example, if you are in a car accident, an injury lawyer will help you collect money from the person who was a fault for the accident.

What is 3rd degree assault and battery?

with the purpose of causing physical injury to another person

What is the penalty for leaving the scene of a car accident in Nebraska?

If a person leaves the scene of a car accident in Nebraska, she or he can be liable for a fine of up to $1,000 and one year in jail. If there was an injury, the penalty could be more severe.

What is the purpose of the death penalty in relation to the law?

If a person has committed a serious enough breach of the law, the death penalty removes all opportunity for that person to commit another similar breach in the future, by reason of that person not being alive and thus unable to do anything.

Can someone claim a whiplash injury?

Yes, you can. You should get in contact with the insurance agency of the other person involved and claim your injury. It requires a proof of injury from a doctor.

What is the purpose of names?

To title or identify someone as a person.

Can someone explain the Unemployment forfeit penalty in NY?

A forfeit penalty is imposed when you wilfully misrepresent the facts; such as say you're not working when you are, etc. This penalty can be from 100% of the benefit, which is terrible for a person with a family. In some cases the penalty is 50%. This continues until the penalty is paid in full

What type of person serves someone spoiled food on purpose?

A horrible person.

What is a trust injury?

When someone hurts you completely and it is not your fault and you have always completely trusted this person.

What is the definition of criminal endangerment?

Criminal endangerment, frequently called reckless endangerment, is defined as reckless actions in which a person creates risk of serious injury to another person. The penalty for endangerment depends on the state the crime is committed in and the extent of injury.

What is the penalty for someone who conspires with others to steal a persons stationery writes a letter claiming to be that person mails it with the intention of slander and extortion?

this is a form of identity theft and highly punishable, the penalty depends on how good a lawyer the person has.

How can I find a motorcycle injury lawyer?

A person can find a motorcycle injury lawyer by looking the information up in the phonebook. A person can also speak with someone who has insight on many different lawyers.