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A courtesy runner should never be on base if she has a spot in the line-up. A courtesy runner is supposed to be a girl who is not playing in the game at all. If you are playing with a continuous line-up, then the courtesy runner should be the girl who made the last out, or the least likely girl to get up in the same inning. This makes it so their situation will not happen.

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Q: If a courtesy runner is on base when their turn at bat comes is she out?
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What if the runner never leaves the base and gets hit?

The player become hit and out and loses his turn to win a point. He should have ran because they throw it to the base not to the person whatever comes first. I am a player in China and I never ever stop when I hit the ball .

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Overrunning first base after a hit. ater reaching can a runner turn left?

Yes, anytime a runner turns towards 2nd he has "made an attempt to advance" and can be tagged out like any other baserunner. When running to first if you over run the base you will want to either turn to the right and go into foul territory to return to 1st base or turn directly around and go back to 1st base, in these instances, even if you are tagged you are NOT out. If you take even one step to the left towards 2nd, and you are tagged going back to 1st base you ARE out

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