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Q: How wide are English premier league goals?
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Why are the goals wider then football goals?

The goals are precisely as wide as football goals. They are football goals.

Is never say never a world wide premier?

yes it is

How wide are field goals in NFL?

As wide as your moms vag

Is Indian premier league watched all over the world?

Yes. IPL is relayed for viewers in many countries all over the world. It has a very wide audience base all around the world

What is the official size pitch used in English premier league?

While each pitch is different in each city, the average is 105 meters long by 68 meters wide. But it varies between 100-105 meters by 63-68 meters. Just depends on the,,12306~152399,00.pdf

When did the movie Casablanca premier?

It premiered in 1942, and went into wide release in 1943.

What are premier mounts used for?

"Premier mounts are used to fasten electronics, such as projectors, or speakers. They are used for both domestic and commercial purposes. Premier makes mounting devices for a wide range of products, as well as floor carts."

How wide are the goals in horse polo?

Polo goals consist of 2 posts 8yds, 24' or 7.32m apart.

How can one watch Premier League football games in Canada?

There are a wide range of internet TV options available by means of which one can watch almost any programme. The time difference may call for some forward planning if the idea is to watch the games as they happen.

What is the size of the goal mark in soccer?

The FIFA Laws of the Game specify that a goal should be 8 yards (7.32 m) wide and 8 feet (2.44 m) tall. The posts themselves must be 5 in (12 cm) or less in diameter. The goals are allowed to be smaller and smaller goals are common in youth leagues. There are no standards for sizing of youth goals and every league sizes them differently.

How big is soccer goals?

8 yards wide and 8 feet tall

Who is richer Manchester united or Manchester city?

Manchester united is more richer because it is a more popular team world wide which brings in lots of money and they are shown in most of the English premier commercials and they have one more titles than Manchester city